Choosing the right software development

Tips for choosing the right software development methodology for you In case you are unfamiliar with the software development methods, take a look first at the following overview of the most popular life cycles, so we can move on to the tips on choosing the right model that suits you best: Waterfall methodology: The oldest […]

Top 3 Software Development Processes

Choose the software development process that’s right for you  Software development processes can vary depending on your needs or special characteristics that are unique to you. Every software that has ever achieved anything owe their success to a strong planning structure for its development.  Just because you can create and launch software without a clear […]

Agile software development

General outline of an agile methodology for software development Agile software development involves a decision-making approach in software projects, which refers to software engineering methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve over time according to the need of the project . Thus, the work is carried out through the collaboration […]

What is SCRUM?

Scrum is a process in which a set of good practices are applied on a regular basis to work collaboratively, as a team, and obtain the best possible result of a project. These practices support each other and their selection is based on a study of how highly productive teams work. In Scrum, partial and […]

What is the agile methodology?

The AGILE methodology is a practice that promotes the continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the life cycle of software development of the project. Both the development and the test activities are concurrent unlike the cascade model. Agile Vs Waterfall Method The Agile and Waterfall models are two different methods for the software development […]